Automobile dimension quality data analysis

      Automobile dimensional quality data analysis solution is a comprehensive system solution proposed in the process of automobile production for the data collection, management, analysis, monitoring, feedback, quality improvement and other activities of parts and body assembly.

This solution is based on QDM system, through the early design of size analysis, process design and cycle quality matching stage, with advanced analysis algorithm as the method, quickly solve the quality problems in the production process, reduce production costs, improve product quality.


Background and status

  •  At present, in most oems and parts manufacturers, they basically carry out dimensional testing on parts, body assembly and other parts, and there are a lot of dimensional testing data. However, at present, most of the data are stored in the form of Excel and other files, and are stored in various formats in various departments. There are many problems in the use of data:

ØThe data storage mode is backward, and the cost for each department or engineer to obtain data or reports is too high. Many test data will be put aside after simple evaluation, and it is difficult to find valuable information; 

ØData analysis, the lack of advanced analysis algorithm, it is difficult to find the correlation relationship between the data, or more valuable conclusions; 

ØManual data analysis will take a long time. It is impossible to provide effective and rapid feedback on the production process and monitor the production process, which may cause production waste.

More and more oems have realized these problems and started to take active actions to establish a data platform and let the data flow. Combined with computer software, advanced analysis algorithms are adopted to process the data in real time to improve the quality and reduce the cost.

Solution scheme

  •  QDM is a web-based graphical data management system for enterprise quality data management, statistical analysis and report release.The purpose of designing this system is to realize the quality information coordination among multi-factories, multi-regions and multi-layer supply chains, to realize the big data analysis of data integration, and to provide real-time and reliable analysis solutions for quality improvement.

  •  QDM system to accept data from a variety of testing equipment and automatically translated into their identifiable format, and entered into the QDM database, at the same time the database is connected to is derived from the CAD model of 3 d graphics, QDM according to the measured data and the corresponding 3 d image to generate a variety of options and custom charts and reports, to facilitate the rapid analysis and determination of the quality of product, as far as possible to achieve the best quality.


Data platform

  •  The Web module of QDM can be used to check any report anytime and anywhere. Through this application based on the Web browser, we can get the latest information and stand at the top of the production chain to find and solve problems.


Data report

   •  create quality reports, discuss product quality in the form of a decision quality report, which combines analysis, charts, standard indicators and other information.

  •  QDM Analyst can load CAD graphics and associate with the current information.Graphically display the measurement target and discover the status of the current quality target.

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Factory data analysis

  •  Real-time analysis of factory data:statistical analysis (SPC) is used to determine trends and patterns in real time.Insight into the data set and determine relevance based on time, place, machine, and operator to discover valuable insights in the process.

  •  Source analysis to solve the problem: the use of SPC and data to identify the cause of the problem in production.Monitor data trends and patterns to prevent problems and find solutions before nonconforming parts are produced.

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Online data analysis

  •  Real-time acquisition of online measurement equipment data, and provide real-time data analysis report, provide the basis for on-site solution.

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