Platform Introduction

      3DCS - Three-Dimensional Deviation Analysis Specialist——Graphical tolerance simulation software.3DCS is the most advanced dimensional deviation analysis tool used to simulate the design, manufacture and assembly of the product, predicting the amount of deviation inherent in the design and determining the source of the deviation.3DCS provides the necessary tolerance analysis methods to predict process changes in an assembly ,identifies the source of additional changes and improves the stableness of the design.ultimately,enabling users to analyze and optimize designs to improve quality and reduce costs early in the design phase.

Product Overview

  •    The 3DCS Advanced Analyzer and Optimizer includes five tolerance analysis tools that expand 3DCS tolerance analysis capabilities, and five analysis tools are as follows:

 ØAdvanced Analysis Analyzer   

 ØCritical Part Identifier    

 ØTolerance Optimizer 

 ØCost Optimizer   

 ØLocator Sensitivity Analyzer                      

l  3DCS Advanced Analyzer

    3DCS Advanced Analyzer is an equation based on analysis results,which can accurately identify the amount of deviation and the source of deviation in the Assembly.It creates equations for the entire model ,displaying input features (contributor/tolerance) , outputs (measurement results) and their relationships (geoFactors) in the graphical interaction matrix.The 3DCS model is transformed into a model-based equation, and using the graphical interaction matrix users can modify the tolerances and get the return results instantly.The results of the analysis can be viewed in the form of data or graphics, and different colors are used to represent the sensitivity  to emphasize the factors that have a greater impact on the measurement.


l Critical Part Identifier

    Quantify the impact of each tolerance on the overall quality of the model.


l Tolerance Optimizer

    3DCS Tolerance Optimizer consists of two methods , one is to ensure quality while minimizing costs and the other is to achieve the best quality with a certain budget. After users enter the tolerance cost and calculate the whole system cost, the optimization module will automatically optimize the tolerance and verify its feasibility. 


l Locator Sensitivity Analyzer

    Locator Sensitivity Analyzer (LSA) can be used to quickly evaluate multiple positioning solutions and determine which scheme has the least sensitivity to the system as a whole.This means engineers can use LSA to check  all positioning schemes and find the most ideal one.